Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Crafty Christmas: DIY Wreath

Please excuse my absence from the blog world.  I have been pretty busy these days and Aaron and I have been having a lot of time off together so our weeks have been filled with running errands and some much needed "us time."

The Holiday season is in full force, well, minus the snow but I'm not really complaining about that.  We had a nice Thanksgiving at our house.  Very simple, low key, and TONS of food.  I'm used to seeing my mom cook a 20 lb.+ turkey for 15+ people so I think I thought that's what I was supposed to do for only 6 people.  WRONG!  We had lots of yummy left overs.

I was already in the Christmas present buying swing of things before Turkey Day since I know I'm not going to want to roam the mall for hours while 39 weeks pregnant.  I made my sister come with me to the mall at midnight for Black Friday Sales.  WORST IDEA EVER...sorry Marg!  So crowded and annoying. Never again.

Anyways, I am totally in the Christmas spirit this year especially since most of my family will be here for it... Caitlin and Andrew, it's not too late to buy plane tickets :)  It seems like everyone is being crafty these days and there are so many ideas out there that inspire me.  I decided to make our own wreath for the front door.  Here's it is followed by a "How To"...What do you think?

Left to Right, Top to Bottom
{1.  Cut 2"-3" burlap strips and wrap around styrofoam wreath.  2.  Wreath should look like this after wrapping burlap.  3.  I picked these colors to make my felt flowers.  Tutorial on how to make flowers here.  4.  I chose to glue gun my flowers in a cluster and off centered.  5.  I found these branches at Michaels with little beads at the ends and added them to the wreath to add a little pop of color and texture.}

And here is a picture of my dinning room table on Thanksgiving.  I wish I took more, especially of all of the food.  Maybe next year.


  1. Oh sis you're becoming a domesticated wifey.... so proud of you. LOVE IT ALL!!!

  2. What did you and Aaron do during "us time"? LOL
    Love the setup, this is such an interesting blog!
    I think I'll make a wreath!